Red Fox Lake House
Place: Greers Ferry, Arkansas
Area: 1,800 SF
Set in the forests surrounding Greers Ferry Lake in the Ozarks of north central Arkansas, the Red Fox Lake House was influenced by the local agricultural vernacular of the region, the classic red barn and the simple linear metal poultry farm. A simplified material palette of galvanized and red corrugated metal was pulled directly from the silver and rust-hued hay sheds that dot the highway to the site. A pine soffit extends into the interior and the polished concrete slab is left exposed throughout.
Private living spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets) are within clearly defined galvanized volumes, shifting out from under the red triangular prism roof volume to create an exterior courtyard and back porch. Voids between the volumes make up the main living and dining spaces, as well as a bonus office space and corridors, that open up to uninterrupted views of the surrounding forest. 
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